woman smiling holding dandelion

It’s everything and nothing.

Thank you for being here. Excuse me while I curse this place. While we are all trying to figure out our next days, I know you feel the same.

It’s everything that we have each other. Being in the now is more important than ever. The what if we build becomes the strike that blinds us. As we look ahead to the new year, and bring hope and faith to the forefront of daily living, remind us not to look away at the hurt that is in front of us. I feel fortunate today because I have a loving hard-working spouse who supports me and our child. If not for him…..there are no what ifs right now. You have to imagine that life is beautiful even when it is beating you down. Imagine that this is the hardest it will ever be and tomorrow is this gift waiting for us to be so loving and caring that tomorrow brings an abundance of wealth in the form of undying certainty in the beauty of your humanity.

If you are still reading this,

woman smiling holding dandelion

I just want you to know, that I appreciate you. No matter who or where or anything else about you, I love you. My human experience is being tested now. I want people to want to read what it is I have to say and report about. This is more than that to me.

I am purposely choosing to forego all traditional advertising on my website. This is purposeful; I do not need to trick people to earn money. I do however need to earn money. All payments given through the donate link, come straight to me (minus the processor fees). Donate any amount you care to. No amount is too small. I like 50 cents more than zero cents. It’s up to you. I will provide more and more interesting content over time and maybe someday this will help with the other things i have going on. Shhhhh. it’s a book.

I feel like everyone began writing a book in 2020. So I got super excited when the ideas i had ruminating for the last six months started to come together, and i was actually able to get them in print. I am at the beginning of that journey and am learning what type of publishing i want to have done, etc..

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