Even when you aren’t sure why

Your attitude matters

Everything remains to be seen. You are your attitude. Don’t give me no Can’t! Anyone can, and everyone tries. Sometimes we give up because we aren’t sure that it matters. You matter. Your attitude towards yourself, and most importantly towards others, displays who you are.

Your heart matters

Your heart is expressed in the language you give to others. For some it’s their music, or deliciously prepared meals, or the loving touch that you know that you’re loved; but it’s all the same, it is you and your heart that break free from the reign, when you know that you matter.

You matter

Even when you aren’t sure why, you matter. No matter if you are alone and nobody is there for you, you still matter. It’s hard to see, and you lose track of how you even feel. Your existence in this plane is only temporary, but your spirit lives. You matter to me, don’t give up.

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