Everything remains because…

I can’t start my day without words on my mind. I am a writer/artist stuck in my head for years now.

This is all about letting you know why and what I and this blog are all about. First thing is that I would like to share my writing and my art with the world.

Things you might read or see on Everything Remains…

  • Parenting
  • Cannabis
  • Architecture and Design
  • DIY home stuff
  • Writing
  • Mental Health
  • Scientific discoveries
  • Technology
  • Art & Photography
  • Satirical Humor

Sharing content and touching the lives of others is one reason I am jumping into a new blog. This has been a lonely year, and I would love to connect with others.

If my writing or art strikes a chord with you, don’t forget to subscribe. I also am available for Hire – See my Contact page for info.

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada

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