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laptop computer-writing-and coffee

Writing, Today

My latest deep dive is studying technical communication. I began researching the field a few months ago. At first, it seemed daunting. However, I put more research and effort into my writing because of recent learning in a few online courses.

person carrying golden briefcase

Buy it for Life

For me, Buy it for Life is personal. Several aspects are relevant, and I will explain how we incorporate them into our lives. Sustainability, Environment, Less waste, Right to repair, and Cost savings are key factors.

man with clown face paint

Three Ring Circus

Every kid has their moments when they decide they have just had enough. It ranges greatly the levels of sheer anger and emotional turmoil that spill out of such small people.

cannabis in the Oklahoma state outline. Ok is Green country!

Cannabis in Tulsa

When Oklahoma legalized Cannabis in 2018, I just thought “Good for them!”. I never thought I would become Oklahoman and receive my medicine constitutionally respected.

large-white-cat sits behind Network+ book

Cats Take Practice

He appears expecting something awesome, as I am trying to coordinate this “date” of sorts. I call my child into the room, “Son, come here and talk to our Gentleman Cat.”. I prepare a few treats, in case the Cat is distracted and distrustful of the boy.

digital art bleach bottle on a chair

Bleach Chair

Far more fantastic than the actual bleach sitting on the chair. Bleach chair embodies the feelings and energy of holding up the mundane as central and important to our lives. The bleach is at once a symbol of our current reality, as well as a mundane invention that helps us kill germs. The bleach occupies the space of a chair and sits regally displayed like a king. The chair is a mundane part of dining rooms everywhere, and as a rich display for the mighty bleach.

woman crying into her hands

Shaming is Disrespecting

Shaming children into compliance is a terrible discipline technique that really doesn’t help anyone involved. Shaming is so often engrained in our culture and families that we don’t even recognize it as such.


Sunsets should be required

the sky is on fire and we relax to admire
shades layered high and we tilt our heads to see more
the colors you see are full of smog and the crush of a society that needs it all
but for a moment we become one with the hues as they take us away from the day

it’s like a mix of insane beauty and the nothingness that’s left when your best friend dies; it never stops amazing as it changes everyday. orange and red, magenta, gold, and pink and lavender wait for me to paint them in layers. The layers of the sky that seep into your mind are the reminders of life’s beauty even when it’s gone.

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