Happy New Year 2021!

After the year we just had, we all need to have that Happy New Year!

As if anything more needs to be said about 2020, here I go anyway. My immediate family and I have been well; for this I am grateful. With the Pandemic rearing its’ head and making itself vocal by March 2020, a lot of people the world over cannot claim to have even lived through it.

We have a new chance this year to have the year that just wasn’t. For me this means writing and communicating more and better.

My goals for myself and my family will continue to be healthy and happy.

Stained Glass, digital painting, by Stacey K. Flatt

“Stained glass”
Digital art
This digital painting was completed New Year’s Eve (2020). A variety of techniques were used, including the Procreate software on ipad Pro, with Apple pencil. For this particular piece, Inking mode using Syrup for the pen

Welcome 2021!
The stained glass painting was created to welcome in 2021!
I hope you enjoy it!

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