cannabis in the Oklahoma state outline. Ok is Green country!

Cannabis in Tulsa

If you had asked me a year ago about our possibility of moving to Tulsa, I would have thought you were crazy. In my wildest dreams, we were able to affordably move to Washington (state). That was before I found out you can’t grow your own medicine there. The dispensaries in Washington are pretty great, so no complaints there, but not being able to take matters in to my hands, makes me a little sad.

I love plants and trees so much, and am always looking to

add more of that into my life.

my identity

I hadn’t really given anywhere in the middle of the country much thought. In 2020, when we were able to make a move, we had already been researching where to go for a few years. 

I longed for the Pacific Northwest. We would talk about it and look at houses from time to time, but it was always in the back of my head that we wouldn’t do it because of the exorbitant cost of living on the left coast. We after all were living on Texans’ rationale for the cost of living and what we found acceptable. We already knew that the cost of living was rising, and it seemed most likely that it is happening in many places (all over the country, all over the world). Though I could see myself enjoying year-round hoodie-wearing, and being within a few hundred miles of some dear people. It just seemed more and more challenging the closer we got to the decision. Since the Pacific Northwest already started out significantly more expensive, particularly with regards to housing, we found the challenge not to fit our future.

Other places in the country that we considered all met a similar demise from our potential home list. We thought about a few places on the east coast, too (looking at you Ma), but it is similarly expensive to live there. Everywhere was too expensive! 

When Oklahoma legalized Cannabis in 2018, I just thought “Good for them!”. I never thought I would become an Oklahoman and receive my medicine constitutionally respected. The stars aligned and my partner was offered an opportunity from Tulsa Remote, so we decided to move to Tulsa.  There were many factors that came into the equation, but I am not afraid or embarrassed to tell people that I am a Cannabis Refugee. 

Cannabis in Oklahoma, Oklahoma is Green Country!
Cannabis in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a beautiful green place, with wonderful people, and some pretty awesome weed! The industry was launched in 2018 and has kept its’ eyes on the prize of cultivating medicine for the people. 

Thanks to Oklahoma Medical Marijuana, I am in a much better place, taking care of my mental and physical health with consistent help from this wonderful plant. Whether you want to call it: weed, trees, green, marijuana, herb, Cannabis, Sativa, Indica, Mary Jane, reefer, dope, etcetera., it is indeed medicine that is finally coming out of the shadows. It has helped humans for a very long time; there really never was a reason to fear or ban it! The politics behind this are ugly if you’re interested to know the history. <But not now! I ain’t got time for that!> Alas, we didn’t get here overnight, 40+ years of “War on Drugs”….., but it is over now! And we can treat Weed as the beautiful gift from mother earth that it is!

Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma transcends what you think you know about Oklahoma. There are so many facets to the industry, and though I have been interested in weed since my first time (1994?). The joke used to go…my pals and I were Cheech and Chong, and we were going to attend the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. OK, well, the second part wasn’t a joke, we meant it, meant it a lot. Fast forward 27 years later, and the Cannabisseur dream is still alive. A few months ago I first heard about the Cannabis Cup here in Oklahoma and then I saw them (the Cowboy Cup) put out a call out for judge applicants. So, I applied.

This year, I have a chance of a lifetime to be a Judge at the Cowboy Cup!

This 3rd annual craft Cannabis competition & Fest will be held in Stillwater, Oklahoma December 3rd thru 5th. To say that I am excited, would be a small understatement. For this contest, I will judge locally grown (Oklahoma sun-grown flower and sun-grown light-assist). There are 8 categories, I am judging 2. More details (regarding my judging) will be given at the appropriate time.

I expect to tell you more about cannabis in Tulsa. Today, I had to blurt it all out! After living here for a year, I am finally letting that stigmatized hatred of my beautiful medicinal plant go. Medical cannabis is for all people, comes in many forms, and helps a variety of conditions. The OMMA recognizes this and does not limit medical conditions that may benefit from medical cannabis. 

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