large-white-cat sits behind Network+ book

Cats Take Practice

I am having our 5-year-old interact with the cats, he claims he loves. Our 2-year-old neutered male (cat) is amazingly social and well-behaved and I call him to come into the room. He appears expecting something awesome, as I am trying to coordinate this “date” of sorts. I call my child into the room, “Son, come here and talk to our Gentleman Cat.”. I prepare a few treats, in case the Cat is distracted and distrustful of the boy.

The child bursts into the room Superman-style, and in less than 30 seconds the following events took place:

The dog had to get involved and decided She must be let out. The Postman was dropping mail into the receptacle at my front door, which made that ever so quaint metal clank as it closed. There was a jet flying over, and because the dog had just been let out, the door was ajar forcing the sound even louder.

The cat’s eyes met mine and he got that raving mad-man look in his eyes, I blinked, and then he was out of sight. My son was left there holding treats. So, I guess this means we’ll be trying a cat interaction again. Right now, my kid is so active that it is hard for him to be still even for a few moments to be in the zone with the cats. I do talk to him about when we approach the cat, as far as how loud we are and how much movement we are doing. He understands. Cats take practice.

Large flame-point cat photo by Stacey K.Flatt

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