digital cats art times 6

Cat Art

Cat Art Series available for purchase on Redbubble. The cat drawings started as a way to animate the Inspiration Cats of the Flatt Manor. Inspiration Cat number 1 is Colby-Jack, often referred to as just Colby. He also has been affectionately dubbed Mjeowneer, by our then four year old kiddo. Colby is a flame-point. Flame-points are sometimes called flame-point siamese, but I think this one looks like a diluted orange tabby.

Inspiration Cat number 2 is Kali. Kali is an elderly tortoise shell domestic short hair. If you can’t tell, she is very difficult to photograph.

Art prints available, as well as a variety of items like masks, t-shirts, mugs, bags, and more. Support independent Artists. If you are interested in high-resolution digital images, Contact me directly through my Contact page. Thank you.

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