A New Precedent

January 20, 2021

A New Order

We have elected to be President of the United States, Joe Biden; and Senator Kamala Harris is now Vice President Harris. Enough cannot be said about what this means. Every writer worth their salt has to at least mention the monumental occasion of triumph, we have before us. Yes, it is amazing that we finally elected a black, ethnically diverse, woman to one of the highest leadership roles. I don’t know that I have much to add to this except for – “Hell Yeah!”. That is me very excited, by the way. 

It is something to be happy about for women and girls in The United States, that they now have someone like them to emulate. We have a role model who cares for women and girls. It is exciting and super important that we make it known to our children how significant this is. My intention is not to take the focus off the fact that history is being made for women and women of color in this country. 

U.S.A. flag flying free
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Pay attention to everything

It must be noted this moment, January 2021, with a new administration, everything that has happened in the last four years, and everything that needs to be undone. 

It looks as though there can be executive orders to just switch back to Sanity. While it is good that so many hateful policies have already been undone in the first few days of this administration, so many of the changes to our American way of life have been altered and damaged much deeper than ink. It is apparent to me, as a humanist that the current administration at least appears to want to make right many of the hateful and cruel policies that were set in place and flaunted by the last administration. For example, this administration signed an executive order to count undocumented people in the census count, one banning discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation, and another pausing federal student loans. 

Additionally, this administration is lifting Science to where it belongs; a trusted resource, and at the top of the food chain. We can now consider and utilize a data-driven response towards the virus. If Science, had been respected before, we would not be in the disadvantaged spot we are in as a country with the Covid-19 virus.

It is up to Citizens

It is up to us, Americans to rebuild our country. We have to take the good parts and turn them into something amazing and mute the nasty ugly hatred that has gotten too much airtime.

Those who have put their faith in Midas and the almighty dollar, are still there and we have to deal with them. Maybe there are some people, who will come back to some resemblance of sanity, now that drumpy is gone. America is in a fragile state, and we have to turn what Turd touched, back into something civilized. There is so much to do and not a minute to waste. 

Our government does not and will not have all the answers for putting our “American way of life” back together. Far too many people think it is normal for the President or any other official to have so much sway on their lives. This is not normal, and now a presidency has been soiled to the degree that it is an unimaginable disgrace to democracy. 

We have to make our country better; it should never have gotten to the point that an angry mob believed they had the power to overturn the will of the majority of fellow Americans. The mob that attacked our Capitol is a symptom of what is wrong with America. How can we be a first-world country and individual citizens believe that they should be allowed to run around attacking others? Somehow in these morons’ heads, they thought that destroying a federal building and putting people’s lives at risk, was going to get them their way.

It is obvious to so many, they did not act of their own volition. This seems to make it so much worse, that so many people would be brain-washed into falling into a cult. At some point I have heard all the reasons, err. excuses for remaining loyal to the past administration. 

The results are the same no matter how we ended up here. Our country is divided beyond belief. For those of you in the back, who didn’t get the memo yet, we are in a somewhat cold “Civil/civil” war. Let’s remind everyone that civil doesn’t mean civil. We are not at all civilized the way we like to think. The silent civil war is a deep, deep chasm that has only just been cracked open for the whole world to see. The disgusting illness that invaded this country has been here the whole time; white supremacy is a foul embarrassment. 

End Racism Now
Photo by Kelly Lacy on Pexels.com

White Supremacy is the Opposite of Unity

Coming together in unity is an option. Striving for unity within a highly emotionally frustrated population is as big a task now, as when American slavery was first over-turned. 

We have a very large and undeniable problem with white supremacy. A large part of it is the people that stand by and do nothing. Because you aren’t waving the Nazi flag or gunning down would-be black joggers, doesn’t mean you aren’t also a white supremacist. Right now is the time to not only denounce the hatred but to do more to not allow it to flourish. It does not take away from me or my life to lift and consider people of color. It does make me feel proud to treat people like people, regardless of their color (gender, sexual orientation, or anything else about that individual). Human beings need to take responsibility for their actions, especially how they treat other human beings.

There is so much vitriol that white people believe somehow if black lives matter, then theirs don’t. It is way past time for that type of thinking to stop. I still can’t understand how wanting a specific group of people to be considered and given the same treatment as (the preferred group), hurts the preferred group. Of course, it doesn’t, but the ideology is strong and needs to be broken. When people feel that they have been ignored then they become defensive, as is the case with many white Americans. Somehow this defensiveness turns to racism. They need to be reminded that fellow Americans, no matter their skin tone, are not who we should defend against. If white Americans want to stop being called racists, they will have to do more than stand idly by while black men are assassinated. 

Stop being afraid to speak up for what is right. I hope this Precedent can be set under this administration.


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