Meta a.k.a. Behind the Scenes

Creating Everything Remains

I hope to one day soon have enough for you to read and learn and share, without instant boredom from my readers. Today is another story, I am in the midst of really pushing myself to do the next thing to create Everything Remains. I have BIG goals for this. The site has been up for only a few weeks now, and I haven’t tried to pimp it out yet. I know there are things I can do. So it’s one step at a time.

Adding much more Content

This is kind of a given, that a new blog doesn’t have much content. This is my primary goal now. I know if you are going to come back to my page it has to be because you know there will be something new and interesting. I am working on this, and hope I can gain some momentum.
I have a lot of article ideas and some underway. The writing part is why I am doing this, so it’s just going to take a bit of time for me to have enough stuff. Be patient, and subscribe.

Adding a Donate Button

One thing I am contending with is pulling in any money from my website. So, what’s next for the website, is to integrate a DONATE button, because I really do need to make it an available choice. This isn’t so hard, and I will probably get it up sometime today. I went ahead and am choosing to go with Paypal for my processing. I have been trying to decide how to display my call to action of begging on the internet. I think it will be nonchalant, or that is my hope. Everyone is always asking for donations, so I don’t want to be in your face about it. I know how it goes, I don’t donate to a line-up of sites just because I like their content

woman working at desk - image from Pexels Anthony Shkraba

Curating Instagram account

I created an Instagram account for Everything Remains. Hypothetically I am thinking I could sell my art through this channel. I will need to do some more research. I am not sure it will work for all of my work though. For instance, the one and only image that I put up on there is “Stained Glass”, a digital painting I did. The painting is not square, so Instagram automatically crops it to a square. For some things, this might be fine, but it looks wrong in this case. I wonder if I format the artwork onto a square (like a border) if it would look better? I may have to play around with it.
Aside from putting my art on there, I am trying to curate messages of hope, love, and intentional living, which is what Everything Remains hopes to be.

Starting a Podcast

Everything Remains as a podcast is really the whole point anyway, or is it? The podcast that is nonexistent as of this moment was in the back-burner of my head for a bit. It’s only been a few days of planning and trying to get the next steps that it has even been a thing. Today I bought the microphone that I will use; it will be here Thursday. It would be so hot if I could get my first episode created this weekend and up next week! A bit optimistic, for sure! I have yet to choose my podcast host. I read a bunch of different articles, so it’s just about jumping in.

Once I get my podcast host, I can configure the player for my website. I sure hope WP has a plugin for this because I would rather spend my time writing, reading, and rehearsing than coding.

That’s about it for todays Behind The Scenes. If you like this, let me know. I have to get back to writing. Have a great rest of your day!

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